Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education

At Dorothy Barley Junior Academy, children attend a PSHCE themed assembly weekly, which follows a medium term plan which meets all objectives. This is followed up by an in-class assembly, which allows children to discuss what they have learnt, using techniques such as circle time or debates. The children also participate in a two hour P4C lesson every fortnight, which allows them to develop into effective, critical and creative thinkers and to take responsibility for their own learning in a caring and collaborative environment.

Year Group Overviews

Dorothy Barley Junior Academy PSHCE Year 3 and 4 Overview

Dorothy Barley Junior Academy PSHCE Year 5 and 6 Overview

Drugs and Alcohol Overview

Dorothy Barley Junior Academy Drugs and Alcohol Overview

P4C and Learning Values

Dorothy Barley Junior Academy P4C Learning Values

SRE Curriculum Overview

Information to parents

Powerpoint for parents

Cherry Class (Learning Centre) SRE overview

Cherry class Year 1 Autumn 2 Unit Being the Healthiest Me

Year 3-6 SRE overview

New overview for SRE