Themed Weeks

We believe in celebrating lots of different themes with the children throughout the school year. To do this in a memorable way, at DBJA we like to have weeks that focus on particular subjects or skills for the children to get involved in. Here are the themed weeks that your child can participate in throughout their time at DBJA.

Health Week

Health Week is a time to raise awareness of health issues in a fun and accessible way and encourage everyone to improve our health through eating healthy food, being active and taking care of our mental wellbeing. Classes look at various topics surrounding Cooking and Nutrition to enable the children to develop good healthy habits, learning about cooking and where our food comes from. As part of our DT curriculum, child get to work with food and are taught how to prepare and cook dishes using a range of cooking techniques whilst applying the principles of nutrition and healthy eating.

Arts Week

Arts week is a great opportunity for children to explore their artistic side. It is important for children to have the chance to use a variety of mediums and inspirations to create different pieces of artwork. Art is an enjoyable experience for all and can allow many children to be creative while inspiring and challenging them to develop their artistic skills. They will have the opportunity to use paints, water colours, oils and many more types of medium to create their own art. The children will learn about many different artists while discussing and recreating unique styles of work. It gives the children the chance to think about how art has shaped history in the UK and across the globe, using this as inspiration to create their own artwork.  Children will be able to share their work with their peers and adults to get positive feedback on their hard work as well as having the opportunity to be inspired by others. At the end of the week, parents will have the opportunity to see their child’s work in an art gallery. This is an exciting experience for everyone and a great chance to show of the skills they have developed over the week.”

Spiritual and Cultural Week

During Spiritual and Cultural week, we learn about different cultures around the world. This helps children to become more aware of different countries and cultures and helps them to accept people’s differences. This year, Cherry class learnt about England,  Year 3 learnt about Nigeria, Year 4 learnt about Lithuania, Year 5 learnt about Pakistan and Year 6 learnt about the United Kingdom. Each year group read a cultural story from their given country and they also designed some art work inspired by an artist from their given country.

Maths and Science Week

Science and Maths Week began in school to raise awareness, spark enthusiasm and celebrate science, engineering, technology and maths with people of all ages and from all walks of life. Each year Dorothy Barley Junior Academy participate in a range of entertaining and engaging events and activities across the school.

Black History Week

Black history began as a way to remember important people and events. Now it is important to show the achievements of black people so that our children, regardless of race, can feel inspired to achieve their dreams. It is also vital to highlight that racism still exists in some areas so children can understand how to react to different situations and is a chance for them to talk about current events. Throughout the week, children will look at the rich culture and history of the black community that will culminate with them creating a display in the corridors. 

Anti-Bullying and E-Safety Week

During Anti-Bullying week, it is time where we come together to help raise awareness of bullying and find strategies to stop it happening in school. We highlight the importance of treating others with respect and identify ways in which we use our words positively. By the end of the week, children should be more confident at identifying what bullying looks like and should be able to become more confident at reporting it to an adult. Some of the activities that were completed were making anti-bullying posters, roleplaying scenarios of bullying and what to do in these situations.

Children’s Mental Health Week

Book Week

We celebrate World Book Day over a whole week in order to promote reading for pleasure as this is the single biggest indicator of a child’s future success. Each year group has a book focus which their learning for the week is centered around and children are encouraged to come into school on one of the days dressed as their favourite book character.