Home Learning

DBJA Expectations

Homework will have a daily, weekly and a half-termly element.

Daily homework will consist of:

• Daily reading for a minimum of 4 times per week for at least 10 minutes a day and completion of reading journal by pupil or parent.

Weekly homework will consist of:

• Rehearsal of number facts to promote long-term retention
• Rehearsal of Statutory spellings to promote long-term retention
• Application of spellings into sentences to promote vocabulary development

Half-termly homework will consist of:

• A choice of family learning projects linked to the topic being studied in Foundation Subjects children will select two projects to work on over the course of the half-term.

All homework has a clear purpose and assists pupils in the process of their academic achievement.

All our pupils are supplied with a reading journal that can also be used for relaying information between parents and the class teacher, as well used for the daily comment following home reading.

Homework is allocated on a Friday, to be returned the following Wednesday.