DBJA Admissions Arrangements 2019-2020

DBJA Admission Arrangements 2020-2021

REAch2 & DBJA Admissions Policy 2021-2022

Administration & Data

DBJA & REAch2 Policy on Charging and Remissions for Academy Activities (Jul 2020)

REAch2 Information & Records Retention Policy

DBJA & REAch2 Complaints Policy

Pupil Well-Being, Safeguarding & SEND

DBJA Accessibility Plan September 2020

REAch2 and DBJA Safeguarding & CP Policy March 2021

Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy September 2020

DBJA SEND Information Report September 2020

REAch2 & DBJA Equality-Duties-framework Sept 2020

DBJA Medicines Policy September 2020

DBJA Mental Health & Well Being Policy September 2020

DBJA Anti-Bullying & Anti Discrimination Policy September 2020

DBJA Attendance Policy September 2020

DBJA Online Safety Policy September 2020

DBJA PE and Health Promotion Policy 2020

DBJA Sun Safety Policy Sept 2020

DBJA School Food Policy 2020

DBJA Policy on Packed Lunches September 2020

DBJA Educational Visits Policy Sept 2020

REAch2 Whistleblowing Policy March 2020

DBJA SMSC Policy September 2020

Relationships and Sex Education

RHSE policy 2020- 2022

DBJA PSHCE Policy September 2020


DBJA Behaviour Policy Covid-19 Revised October 2020

DBJA Exclusion of Pupils Policy September 2020


REAch2 Health and Safety Policy March 2019

R2 School level H&S policy Sept 20

DBJA First Aid Policy September 2020

Learning & Teaching

DBJA Homework Policy

DBJA Marking, Feedback & Assessment Policy

Other Important Policies

DBJA Parent and Carer Code of Respectful Conduct DBJA September 2020