At DBJA our Geography curriculum aims to instil a curiosity for the world and the people who live there and develop in all our children the characteristics and attributes of a geographer. They will have an excellent knowledge of where
terrestrial and marine places are and of their physical and human characteristics, both in the UK and the wider world. They will learn that geographical locations and places are interdependent and interconnected and understand the processes that shaped and changed their features over time. They will accumulate the fieldwork skills of collecting and analysing data using a variety of sources such as globes, maps, aerial photographs and digital mapping. Over time, they will develop a fluency in complex, geographical enquiry skills such as questioning,
explaining and effectively presenting their findings and conclusions. They will be able to express well-balanced
opinions based on their acquired knowledge and understanding about current issues in society and the
environment. By the end of their primary schooling, they will have an extensive base of geographical knowledge, skills and vocabulary.

At Dorothy Barley Junior Academy, each year group will learn about Geography based topics throughout the year.

Every year group will have the opportunity to learn about topics that will expand their knowledge of Great Britain and the world. In addition, each year group will take part in exciting trips/activities that are related to Geography such as Fairlop Waters in year 5 and more to be confirmed!

We follow the sequenced and progressive curriculum developed by Reach2 Academy Trust which builds upon the knowledge the children learn each year. We have also tailored the lessons to incorporate local geography such as the River Thames whilst also looking at sustainability in units such as ‘Green Planet’ and ‘Overheating World’. Our has a mixture of world and local geography knowledge builds upon children’s respect for their local area and comparing it to other places around the world.


Whole School History and Geography Overview

Vocabulary Overview

Geography Vocabulary year 3-6

Curriculum Roadmap

Geography Roadmap year 3-6