ICT – Information and Communications Technology

Technology is everywhere and will play a pivotal part in students’ lives. Therefore, at Dorothy Barley Junior Academy we want to model and educate our pupils on how to use technology positively, responsibly and safely. We want our pupils to be creators and our broad curriculum encompassing computer science, information technology and digital literacy reflects this. We want our pupils to understand that there is always a choice with using technology and as a school we utilise technology (especially social media) to model positive use and put a heavy emphasis on E-safety in every lesson. As a school we have made a great investment into technology such as pupil iPads and Chromebooks and encourage staff to try and embed computing across the whole curriculum to make learning creative and accessible. We want our pupils to be fluent with a range of tools to best express their understanding and hope by Upper Key Stage 2, children have the independence and confidence to choose the best tool to fulfil the task and challenge set by teachers. Currently, we use a range of platforms such as: Purple mash, Seesaw, Espresso and many more to support teaching and learning. Moving forward, Dorothy Barley Junior Academy we will be introducing Google Classroom as a platform for teaching and learning at school and as a contingency measure for COVID19.