At Dorothy Barley Junior Academy, each year group will learn about History based topics throughout the year ranging from the Romans, to Stone Age and Ancient Greeks.

Every year group will have the opportunity to learn about topics that will expand their knowledge of Great Britain and the world following the Reach2 Scheme of Work. We also dedicate part of our Curriculum to allow pupils to study Black History Month and celebrate the achievements that many people have made throughout history.

In addition, each year group will take part in exciting trips/activities that are related to History such as visiting the Museum of London and the V&A Museum.

The children also complete our Home Family Projects that are based on their history lessons, we have seen cavemen dwellings, Roman shields and Mayan masks!

Themed Weeks

We celebrate ‘Black History Week‘ and the children learn about the cultures, literacy and history of many Black communities around the world.

Black History Week Presentation

We also ensure children remember the history more locally and reflect on Remembrance Day during the 2 minutes silence and during activities throughout the week.

Overview for History:

Whole School History and Geography Overview

Vocabulary Overview

History Vocabulary 

Curriculum Roadmap

History roadmap