Kids Zone



Spelling Match

Match the words with the meanings


How to pronounce new words

Scholastic Story Starter

Create your own story



Help Peg and Cat shop at the mall

Arcademics Jetski

Race against each other while practicing addition facts!



Static Electricity

Balloons and Static Electricity


Switched on Kids

How to use Electricity safely



Design a Wig

Explore 18th century women’s hairstyles

Horrible Histories: Awesome Women

From Cleopatra to Queen Victoria, Boudica to the Suffragettes.

The Romans

Find out how Rome began, learn about different Roman emperors and discover what people in Rome did for fun




Futuristic Racer

A lot of these games blocked me out due to Adobe Flash


Fun Links for 3 – 7 Years


Games for kids and moms. … Reading. Reading Arcade

Miss Turners Magical Pet Swap Shop

Transform the pets!

A Year On The Farm

Care for your animals, plant seeds and see them grow!


Fun Links for 7 – 11 Years

Magic Adventure

The Worst Witch: Magic Adventure