Our Vision and Values

At Dorothy Barley, we aim to provide the highest standards of teaching and learning so that all children can achieve their academic potential. We also ensure that we foster and develop the social and emotional well-being of our children. Our children deserve the best.

Our core values at Dorothy Barley are supported and developed through our Golden Rules which promote themes of kindness, respect for ourselves and others, honesty and hard work. These core beliefs underpin everything we do and help us be the best we can be. We review and develop our core values to ensure that they suit the needs of our school community and reflect issues in the wider world.

Our work on our core values began towards the end of the Autumn term 2015 when leaders at DBJA consulted with our school community to develop a shared vision for our school. After consulting with children, parents, Governors and staff we created 7 Learning Values which have underpinned everything we have done at DBJA for the last few years. These values were: Honesty, Pride, Love, Kindness, Determination, Tolerance and Respect.

Our Learning Values- Updated!!!

We live in an ever-changing world and it seems fitting that we refresh our values to ensure that they support the evolving needs of our school and reflect the kind of world we want the children to live in. Therefore, using the principles of Values Based Education we have recently updated our learning values in consultation with the children and staff.

Values-based Education (VbE) is a successful worldwide transformational movement for positive change. VbE empowers educational settings to underpin their life and curriculum with universal positive human values such as respect, integrity, honesty and compassion.


The outcome of developing such an ethical vocabulary is ethical intelligence. VbE encourages children to be vibrant, to be successful and able to grow from the challenges they meet with increasing resilience. We will be celebrating a new value each half term but we will integrate all our new values into the children’s learning.

Our new learning values are:

Kindness, Teamwork, Acceptance, Trust, Independence, Respect, Honesty, Determination, Forgiveness, Happiness, Self – Worth and Resilience

We are spending the next two years embedding our revised values. So far we have…

Autumn 1: We celebrated Kindness by participating in World Kindness day and looked at random acts of kindness.

Autumn 2: We celebrated Teamwork by working together in all of our lessons.

Spring 1: To celebrate Acceptance, we incorporated this into our Spiritual and Cultural week and looked at different cultures across the world.

Spring 2: We celebrated Trust and our teachers have even shown this by allowing us to walk in from playtimes without lining up.

Please note that the above implementation was suspended due to Covid-19. We are in the process of re-starting implementation of our values keeping in mind the need to be Covid secure!

Our Golden Rules

  • We are gentle. We don’t hurt others.
  • We are kind and helpful. We don’t hurt anybody’s feelings.
  • We listen. We don’t interrupt.
  • We are honest. We don’t cover up the truth.
  • We work hard. We don’t waste our own or others’ time.
  • We look after property. We don’t waste or damage things.

Closely tied into these core values are the REAch2 touchstones of Learning, Enjoyment, Responsibility, Inclusion, Inspiration, Integrity and Leadership. We expect all children and adults within our school community to promote our touchstones, our learning values and to follow our Golden Rules.