Introduction to REAch2 11b411 at Dorothy Barley Junior Academy


“Dare to be different. Be a pioneer. Be a leader. Be the kind of person who in the face of adversity will continue to embrace life and walk fearlessly toward the challenge.” – Oprah Winfrey.

Life is an adventure.

As part of REAch2 Academy Trust we are a school committed to the 11b411 initiative. REAch2 are ambitious for our children to have broad horizons in life and high aspirations for themselves. We want our children to be inspired and challenged so that each one can develop their unique potential to the full.

To this end, we have developed the 11 before 11 set of promises, to empower our children to take the driving seat in their own lives. 11 before 11 is designed to take our children beyond the usual school experiences to deliver a range of memorable events that surprise and delight the child; both realising and releasing their potential in a wide range of contexts. 11 before 11 ensures that the touchstone of enjoyment is central to our children’s learning as they progress through our family of schools.

11 before 11 will take our children beyond the usual, to open opportunities in life and inspire them to move forward in their own life’s adventure.

Our School Adventure Ambassador (SAA) brings the promises to life at our school, through planning the adventures into the school’s curriculum; seeking sponsorship; funding; resources and links within and beyond the community. Our Adventure Ambassador also has access to Trust brokered partnerships such as the Scouts Association, Country Trust, Prince William Award, and Sport for Schools.

11 Before 11 Strategy Document

The REAch2 11b411 Promises are set out below…

10 Good Deeds in 10 Days

Thinking behind the promise:

This promise supports children in putting citizenship into practise, through engaging directly with their local community and beyond. They discover how they can make a positive impact through thoughtful planning, effective communication and action, they become agents of change through acts of giving and service. They dare to be different with a focus on responsibility and service.

Make or break a REAch2 record

Thinking behind the promise:

“Do something different, somewhere different.”

REAch2 are compiling their own ‘Guinness Book of Records’.‘The REAch2 Book of Records’ showcases the amazing individuals and groups of children who attend our schools. It showcases those who explore mind-blowing feats and record-breaking wonders. It is a fun and engaging opportunity to work with charities and the local community. The early records set the benchmarks for others to break!


Thinking behind the promise:

A flashmob develops courage, through performing in front of a crowd in a familiar setting: a flashmob allows children to feel nervous and overcome the nerves together in a fun and memorable community event.

Seeds to Supper

Thinking behind the promise:

This promise enables children to connect with the importance of food in their lives: they grow their own crops from seed, learning how to care for food, and the nutritional value of the food. Then they harvest their crops and use the produce to cook meals for their family, so learning how meals can bring people together.

Sculpture Culture

Thinking behind the promise:

This promise gives our children the opportunity to design and create a large sculpture; something that will last a long time and possibly identify any budding sculptors among us. This creates an artistic legacy in the school for years to come.

Messing About on the Water

Thinking behind the promise:

This adventure is an introduction to the thrill and enjoyment of water sports, allowing children to test their courage on the water and to work in teams. We hope it can be a gateway for a lifelong love of water sports, and help to identify talents to nurture.

Sleep Under the Stars

Thinking behind the promise:

In this promise children experience the thrill of sleeping away from home, under the night stars with their friends. This adventure can fill children with the wonder of our universe, and who knows – could lead to a lifetime’s passion for astronomy

Shake It Up Shakespeare!

Thinking behind the promise:

This promises allows children to translate the cultural importance, and understanding of Shakespeare, through performing an abridged version on a stage away from school to a large audience. Through a public performance in front of a large audience, children learn the courage of public speaking and facing their fears. It is an opportunity to open a door onto the world of drama, for children to explore a possible strength and love they would wish to develop.

Hiking Heroes

Thinking behind the promise:

In this promise children experience the exhilaration of hiking as high as possible – up a mountain, the tallest building for miles around, high enough to feel a sense of accomplishment when we just keep on going, and awe at the surrounding view.

Horsing Around

Thinking behind the promise:

Sitting up high and riding a horse, is an exhilarating experience for young children. In riding at such a height, and interacting with large animals, they overcome initial trepidation, so learning to conquer fears. The adventure also involves learning about how to care for horses.

Crossing Borders

Thinking behind the promise:

For many of our children, leaving home to visit a foreign country is only possible if our school arrange it. It is a completely memorable adventure, where children can explore different cultures, traditions, and languages, learning that there is a wide and rich world waiting to be explored, beyond their local community. Independently using different currencies to interact with others in a different language gives children a sense of adventure and of their growing independence.

Our Phased Implementation Plan