Our Governance

A Transition Board has been set up for the first year of opening. Members are:

Mr Yateen Bhoola – Chair of the Transition Board and REAch2 Deputy Regional Director for the West Midlands

Mrs Charlotte Hopkins – Head teacher of Henhurst Ridge Primary Academy

Mrs Jane Dennis – School Business Manager of Henhurst Ridge Primary Academy

A Local Governing Body will be established towards the end of the first year of opening which will include: staff, parents and local members of the community. If you are interested to find out more about, and would like to be considered as part of the Local Governing Body, please look out for vacancies on this page or please do get in contact with us:

Email:                  info@reach2.org
Tel:                       01283 246433
Website:              https://reach2.org/governance-policy/governance/

Correspondence address for the Chair of the Transition Board is:

Mr Yateen Bhoola,

Scientia Academy,

Mona Road,

Burton Upon Trent.

DE13 0UF